You make us rock

Each year we are humbled by the help of amazing volunteers who make our Global Grand Final run as smooth as is humanly possible. This year will be no different. That is why we are looking for you.
There is a variety of jobs to be done. To name a few: you could be working our social media channels, assisting our room coordinators or manning the registration desk. Read on to find all available jobs.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 14-15.

Available Tasks

Logistics: you work 1 day and the other you are free to attend the event

  • 1. Registration desk & information

    With a team of 8 you manage the registration and information desk and provide assistance to guests (directing people to the right rooms, helping them with the event app, etc).

  • 2. Breakout rooms

    With a team of 14 (2 volunteers per breakout room per day) you assist the room coordinator during the semi-finals (keeping track of time, making sure jury and speakers have water, running errands if necessary, etc).

  • 3. Podium assistant

    We need 1 person to assist the podium manager in the main hall. You make sure there is water for the jury and speakers, that the stage is clean, move around props if needed, etc.

  • Other stuff

    Beside the primary responsibility for these tasks, all volunteers will be asked to help out whenever it’s needed.

    For instance to:

    • Keep people away from the jury rooms while jury is deliberating
    • Hand out the voting cards in the main hall for the audience award
    • Keep guard of the voting boxes for the audience award
    • Help with counting the votes for the audience award
    • Call people back into the room

Social media: you need to be available to work on both days

  • 4. Photographers

    If you have a DSLR camera and you have prior experience with photography, we are looking for you. With a team of 2, you are responsible for making additional photos (we have a professional photographer as well) of the event. For instance – we need at least one photo of each pitching team and session.

  • 5. Social media

    With a team of 9, you are responsible for social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). Each volunteer will be assigned to a specific breakout room. We will prepare a list of social media posts to cover the entire event as well as a description for each pitching team in every pitching room. You will need to bring your own laptop and have FB pages, TW and Insta apps installed on your phone. Make sure to bring chargers for your laptop and phone.

  • Working hours

    The working hours for all shifts on both days is from 8.00 – 18.00. These are long days, but of course they will include breaks and the possibility to rotate with your team members. Some tasks, like registration and breakout rooms, have peaks on certain times of the day and will be more quiet at other times. We do ask quite some flexibility and responsibility to spend the quieter times well and check if any of your team mates, or someone from the organisation, needs help with anything.

The perks

Our Global Grand Final is always the highlight of our year, the event is so much fun to run. You will be part of our team and of that amazing energy our start-ups generate. It is a great way to connect with the greentech community, attend awesome keynotes and learn a lot about how to run an event.

Naturally, you get a free ticket for both days. And free food & beverage, of course ☺

Yes, I want to volunteer.

and be part of the green wave
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